360° Health Care, Integrated Medical Care And Comprehensive Health Care
360° Health Care, Integrated Medical Care And Comprehensive Health Care

    New traditional Chinese medicine is not only a combination of traditional Chinese and Western practices; it is the most effective means of curing disease and staying in good health.
    Our goal is draw upon the benefits of both Chinese and Western medicine and provide the most appropriate and effective treatment to our patients.
    The particularity of the traditional Chinese medicine environment in China and the high costs associated with the Shanghai area represent challenges to the establishment of a fine clinic. However, we remain firm in the belief that well-being through medical care, both physical and mental is a priceless commodity. Therefore, we are not willing to compromise our high-quality operation for the sake of saving on costs.
    All of our team members are experts in both Chinese and/or Western medicine. Not only do we expect to offer permanent cures and medical care to our patients, we also use our expertize to provide treatments for ailments in order to make them less likely to be recurrent and which are less costly over the long-term. Our unique appraoch to East meets West medical care offers the best of both worlds; effective long term medical treatment at an acceptable healthcare cost. We hope that Ding Han’s new business model and vision will gradually blossom and bear fruit in the years to come.
    Ding Han is a healthcare haven for everyone. We hope to create a humanistic and delicate space to provide you with comprehensive healthcare, and enable you to enjoy and experience the new Chinese medicine cultural heritage which we actively promote.


    360° health care, integrated medical Care and Comprehensive health care

  • 360° HEALTH CARE

    From diagnosis and disease-prevention to health and spiritual care, we offer 360° Health Care.
    With particular focus on traditional chinese medicine, we also offer health products such as tea and health food. In addition, we take it one step further in making our healthcare experience complete by providing specialized cultural and creative art works and lectures on a regular basis. By combining our professionalism with tradition and delicacy, we treat each person in unique fashion based on his or her specific needs. Finally, the whole experience is enhanced by the warmth and comfort of our environment, designed to bring a sense of harmony, grace and humanity.

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